Okay, kids...have a little heart!


The Astounding Angel: I enjoyed Supergirl. It looks like a PG series. Oct 27, 2015 9:25:41 GMT -5
Jeff96: That good. What are PG? Oct 27, 2015 22:26:53 GMT -5
Aeryn: (puke) Oct 28, 2015 14:11:08 GMT -5
The Astounding Angel: PG is one of the ratings for TV and movies. Oct 30, 2015 5:24:14 GMT -5
Jeff96: I understand. Nov 2, 2015 21:47:28 GMT -5
avp60685: Pray for Paris guys, things are getting crazy there, one of our members lives in France and we don't know if he's okay Nov 13, 2015 13:56:48 GMT -5
Jeff96: Who is the person Alysia? Nov 14, 2015 0:28:06 GMT -5
avp60685: It's Baron, he hasn't been on here in quite some time but still no word so I guess he's okay but I am still praying Nov 14, 2015 4:34:28 GMT -5
Jeff96: We will never know, since he is never on here anymore. Nov 14, 2015 23:01:00 GMT -5
The Astounding Angel: I remember Baron and I hope he is okay. He is not on here anymore because some members harassed him just because he was born in France. B-| Nov 15, 2015 2:16:24 GMT -5
avp60685: That was unfortunate because he was a deep thinker and loved to share with you what he cared about Nov 15, 2015 10:46:12 GMT -5 *
BadWolf: i thought he was creepy. but hope he's okay.. Nov 15, 2015 17:00:33 GMT -5
Aeryn: O_o Nov 15, 2015 17:12:24 GMT -5
BadWolf: hey ho heyy (rofl) Nov 16, 2015 17:18:58 GMT -5
Aeryn: Love it when people act like they know the particulars of EVERY situation. B-| That dude wasn't even French, for fuck's sake. People should remain silent unless they KNOW what the fuck they're talking about. Nov 18, 2015 16:35:15 GMT -5 *
The Astounding Angel: He told me he was from France and AVP said he is from Paris, so I will take his word for it. Nov 19, 2015 9:08:33 GMT -5 *
Aeryn: Yes, of course. Everybody tells the truth on the internet. And well, if AVP said he's from Paris, then it ABSOLUTELY must be true. No doubt whatsoever. B-| Nov 19, 2015 13:37:18 GMT -5 *
The Astounding Angel: Okay...that made me laugh. :D Nov 20, 2015 10:47:32 GMT -5
avp60685: Happy Thanksgiving guys! Don't eat too much today or you may end up stuffed like the turkey! :) Nov 26, 2015 10:17:44 GMT -5
The Astounding Angel: Happy Thanksgiving to you and to everyone. I ate one tablespoon of almost all the items and I am satisfied without feeling bloated for a change. :) Nov 26, 2015 13:41:19 GMT -5